Understanding SEO Salt Lake City

The many loyal readers of the IT Interactive Services Blog have come to understand the usefulness of SEO Salt Lake City as a means of increasing the traffic to their business’ website. The purpose of search engine optimization is to increase the position that your business’ website will appear in a list generated by the use of specific key words in the search engine. Logically, the higher up on a list of websites a website appears the more likely it is that the website will be visited when those particular key words are searched for.


The list of websites is ordered in order of relevance as determined by the search engine’s algorithm. This algorithm looks for specific qualities in the content of each website about which it has information. To gather this information the search engines employ web bots (a. k. a. spiders or web crawlers) which are automated programs designed to view millions of websites. The search engine then uses this information to determine the relevance of the website relative to the particular key words. Obviously, the appearance of the key words within the content is a major factor a search engine algorithm uses to measure relevance.

The are other factors that the search engine algorithms use to determine relevance. These factors include but are not limited to the following. The search engines look to see what percentage of the content is occupied by the key words. Generally search engine algorithms like it when the key word or words appear twice in a piece of content that is three hundred words. Perhaps if the key word appears less frequently than this it makes the content seem less relevant. However, if the key word appears more frequently than this it makes the content appear like spam.

Managed IT Services Austin

Many of the IT Interactive Services blog readers are looking for managed IT services Austin to help them with their bottom line. The aforementioned readers are looking for this particular type of service because they know that running their own in house IT department is more trouble than it is worth. There is too much overhead associated with man power expenses, equipment costs, upgrade fees and all the ever changing challenges an IT profession must stay on top of if he or she wants to remain effective at his or her job. When all this is outsourced, however, all these problems disappear.


Once your company outsources its IT functionality there is no need to worry about any of these things. Obviously, you will not be paying to staff your IT department anymore. So there is one expense gone right there. You will not have to pay to maintain the servers that an IT department manages on a day to day basis. There is another expense that you will no longer have to worry about. And because you will no longer have the equipment you will no longer have to maintain it. Yet another expense gone.

Perhaps the greatest advantage to outsourcing your IT department is that you will no longer have to rely upon your IT department to stay ahead of any potential threat that may come down the pike at some point in the future. Not only will this no longer be your worry but you can actually rest much easier because it is the company to whom you outsourced your IT department’s primary function to stay on top of these threats. As such, they will always be better able to perform this function better than you will because this is not your primary function.